[Bug 230402] With buildworld, the system can not use swap

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Sat Sep 1 14:10:20 UTC 2018


--- Comment #10 from chris at crvintel.com ---
I to am having this problem. I am trying to buildworld on a RPi 3 B+ (using
FreeBSD Current with 1G of swap space and the build fails during make of the
clang source. I notice too that in my dmesg log that I am getting:

warning: total configured swap (1048576 pages) exceeds maximum recommended
amount (924056 pages).

I have been unable to find any useful documentation on kern.maxswzone.

>From my own observations the build does not seem to use up much swap space as
the build fails.

The buildworld on my Rpi 1 B+ with 512M of swap space works fine, and there is
no reference in dmesg about maximum recommended swap space being exceeded.

Any support appreciated.

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