[Bug 220884] syslogd doesn't include all files in include directories

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Thu May 31 22:54:54 UTC 2018


Serge <skh1002 at hotmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #10 from Serge <skh1002 at hotmail.com> ---
I wonder if this patch will be issued as erratum for 11.1-RELEASE. I've just
spent a full day trying to understand what is wrong with my syslog.d
configuration on a 11.1-RELEASE-p10 system until I found this entry. This bug
is so fundamental that even after I discovered on my own that the problem is
related to file naming, I still could not believe it was not an obscure fault
of mine. 

Of course, now I can work around this bug, but I find it exceedingly strange
that at the current patch level 10 it is *still* not corrected as an erratum.

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