[Bug 227920] [PATCH] fix for Makefile.libcompat to use external cross-compiler

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Mon May 14 02:24:19 UTC 2018


--- Comment #9 from Mark Millard <marklmi26-fbsd at yahoo.com> ---
(In reply to Bryan Drewery from comment #1)

For handling WITH_LIB32= in a cross compile (such as
amd64 -> powerpc64 as the overall context), clang has
to be told an appropriate -target or it tries to use
amd64's assembler on the powerpc .S assembler files.
This leads to build failures for rejected notation.

-mcpu=powerpc -m32 without the -target is not sufficient.
(And it what currently happens on the command line.)
With multiple ABI's around, -target is the only
option that specifies that much context as far as
I know.

clang does take a powerpc64 -target and a -m32 and
end up with a powerpc target according to my
experiments. But I've not checked that the 32-bit
ABI implicitly picked is appropriate to FreeBSD's
ABI choices, which are rather distinct for 32-bit
vs. 64-bit for the powerpc families.

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