[Bug 228089] Hang on shutdown in VirtualBox when "acpipowerbutton" issued

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Wed May 9 08:47:18 UTC 2018


--- Comment #1 from devnull at dynode.net ---
This bug is identical to Bug 195458.

I run a bunch of FreeBSD VMs on a FreeBSD 11-1R host using VirtualBox in
Headless mode (using standard RC scripts).

Historically I was running FreeBSD 10R on my VMs and they would shutdown when
the command was issued. I updated a couple of months ago via source to 11-1R
and now when I the "acpipowerbutton" command is issued they hang as per the
above bug.

I just performed a fresh install of FreeBSD 11-1R on a newly configured VM and
the issue is present.

Please advise what details/configuration files you require to assist in

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