[Bug 227918] [PATCH] remove exists check for CROSS_BINUTILS_PREFIX for external clang builds on secondary arches

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Tue May 8 02:56:48 UTC 2018


--- Comment #8 from Mark Millard <marklmi26-fbsd at yahoo.com> ---
(In reply to Mark Millard from comment #7)

I will also note that /usr/local/bin/clang60 has code
generation problems for powerpc family members, in
particular, as an example, where the system library
source uses __builtin_eh_return it will be ignored.
A consequence is that any thrown C++ exceptions will
crash the program when the system is running what was
built via ignoring __builtin_eh_return .

The llvm60 (and 50) output for .ko's now also involves
.rela.plt and R_PPC64_JMP_SLOT that FreeBSD does not
handle, leading dynamic loading of kernel modules to
crash. (I did not have that issue back in the llvm40
days.) I've no clue if FreeBSD should handle such vs.
if clang should not cause such to be generated. I just
observe that they are mis-matched currently.

(I'm not claiming that those are the only problems.)

I've never gotten near being able to run devel/kyua
from a clang-based build yet, kyua uses throwing C++
exceptions extensively.

I took to building-in kernel modules that I wanted to
be able to use if I'm going to use a clang60-based

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