[Bug 218262] [hwpstate] does not set overclocked frequency on AMD Ryzen CPU

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Okay, it's definitely overclocked, just ran Cinebench R15 under Wine, got 1755
points. (same 3.9GHz clock in Windows 10 gives me ~1715, 3.0GHz is
significantly less).

Here's the interesting bit from the AMD docs though: "This field provides the 
frequency component of the current non-boosted P-state of the core".

I guess "non-boosted" means "not ever returning P0"?!

How is it providing "the frequency component" if it returns the number of the
P-state?! This documentation makes ZERO sense.

Also, here's a tiny program that sets P-state 0 from userspace via cpuctl, it's
easier to experiment with this than recompiling the kernel and stuff.

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