[Bug 198406] More than 4 esxi vmxnet3 interfaces causes vlans attached to vmxnet interfaces to stop working

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for those of you who are still running into this problem:

The issue seems to be on the VMWare side with the ethernet pciSlotNumber (which
is generated only on booting the VM with new vmxnet3 interfaces)

The interfaces, as they are presented to the VM, are out of order. 
You will see this since the MAC addresses do not correspond between VMWare and
the VM's ifconfig.

the pci slot mapping is explained here


we worked around this problem my editing the VM.vmx file and re-arranging the
slotnumber values

Lab environment: ESXi 5.5.0 2068190, FreeBSD 10.1, FreeBSD 10.2 (sorry haven't
tested FreeBSD 11 as yet)

After adding all your interfaces to the VM (>4), boot up the VM then shut it

SSH to the VMWare Host (you could theoretically download the vmx file from the
datastore, edit it and upload it again but we didn't do it that way)

cd /vmfs/volumes/DATASTORE/VM

vi into VM.vmx and remove all lines with ethernetX.pciSlotNumber

at the end of the file input this mapping (for as many interfaces as you need)

ethernet0.pciSlotNumber = "160"
ethernet1.pciSlotNumber = "1184"
ethernet2.pciSlotNumber = "192"
ethernet3.pciSlotNumber = "1216"
ethernet4.pciSlotNumber = "224"
ethernet5.pciSlotNumber = "1248"
ethernet6.pciSlotNumber = "256"

save file and exit

boot up your VM.

All interfaces should match up with the correct MAC addresses now. You can
confirm with ifconfig and correlating it with the VM's settings in VMWare

If you are adding more than 8 interfaces the mapping should look like this

PciSlot# --------------------Interfaces ----------Hex values for Pcislot#
160 1184 2208   ===>    vmx0    vmx1    vmx2    ===>    A0      4A0     8A0
192 1216 2240 ===>      vmx3    vmx4    vmx5    ===>    C0      4C0     8C0
224 1248 2272 ===>      vmx6    vmx7    vmx8    ===>    E0      4E0     8E0
256 1280 2304   ===>    vmx9    vmx10   vmx11   ===>    100     400     900

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