[Bug 222308] ip_multicast: Panic due to VNET being invalid on lagg during SIOCDELMULTI

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Wed Sep 13 19:40:15 UTC 2017


--- Comment #1 from brent at beanfield.com ---
I'll mention as well that Chris has two other fixes for issues in the
in_mcast.c code that are worth looking at:

"Turning on multicast debug made multicast failure worse
because the strings and #define values no longer matched
up.  Fix them, and make sure they stay matched-up.":


"During if_detach(), we get a race where a closing socket is
releasing multicast data (via inp_freemoptions()) at the same
time as igmp_ifdetach() is releasing all multicast data for
the interface, resulting in a potential double teardown and
double free. ...":


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