[Bug 222077] geli(8) writing uninitialized memory out to disk

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Thu Sep 7 15:46:13 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from Maxim Khitrov <max at mxcrypt.com> ---
I think the same issue also affects geli metadata with 4k sector size. I was
able to reproduce this using the script below, but it took many iterations.
Once it happened, the same data was returned every time, so I think it's just a
matter of getting the right memory page allocated. The result is that the last
sector contains 512 bytes of metadata followed by 3584 bytes of uninitialized

dd if=/dev/zero of=gelitest.md bs=8K count=1 status=none
md=$(mdconfig -f gelitest.md -S 4096) || exit
echo 'fakekey' | geli init -B none -K - -P $md || exit
mdconfig -du $md
hd gelitest.md

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