[Bug 219957] FreeBSD Install freeze using UEFI

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--- Comment #8 from David O'Rourke <dor.bsd at xm0.uk> ---
I was encountering this on a Lenovo Thinkpad X250 with version 1.26 (N10ET47W)
UEFI firmware (the latest as I write this), with the freeze occurring in the
same place as the original post.

It just so happened that this laptop had had FreeBSD installed before and that 
the old ZFS label was still on the SSD. The loader.efi seemed to be finding
this old ZFS label and freezing when it couldn't do anything with it (the
filesystems it referred to no longer existed).

My fix for this was to boot something that could use the zpool pool and `zpool
labelclear -f <dev>`. The loader.efi for the installer would then start

After a new install of FreeBSD when there was a proper ZFS on the SSD, the
installer worked correctly.

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