[Bug 221813] Mechanism is needed to utilize discontinuous memory segments supplied by the EFI and other boot envs

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--- Comment #2 from Konstantin Belousov <kib at FreeBSD.org> ---
EFI model of handing control from loader to OS is dictated by Windows loader. 
There, loader constructs kernel virtual address space and establishes the
initial mappings.  Most ample demonstration of the approach is with the runtime
services abomination requirement that loader provides the future mapping of
runtime segments to firmware, while kernel did not even started.

Change of amd64 loader/kernel interaction to adopt this model is possible, but
I am not sure that it is worth the efforts.  At least, I do not consider the
use cases of large preloaded md as enough justification for all the work
required, and for causing flag day where new kernel will absolutely require new

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