[Bug 219935] Kernel panic in getnewvnode (possibly ZFS related)

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Fri Aug 25 12:33:43 UTC 2017


--- Comment #5 from Raimo Niskanen <raimo+freebsd at erix.ericsson.se> ---
(kgdb) p *vp->v_bufobj.bo_ops 
$1 = {
  bop_name = 0xffffffff80fe28f1 "buf_ops_bio", 
  bop_write = 0xffffffff809dc460 <bufwrite>, 
  bop_strategy = 0xffffffff809dc690 <bufstrategy>, 
  bop_sync = 0xffffffff809dc6d0 <bufsync>, 
  bop_bdflush = 0xffffffff809dc710 <bufbdflush>

(kgdb) x/10a vp->v_bufobj.bo_ops 
0xffffffff814b7380 <buf_ops_bio>:       0xffffffff80fe28f1 <sun_noname+849>    
0xffffffff809dc460 <bufwrite>
0xffffffff814b7390 <buf_ops_bio+16>:    0xffffffff809dc690 <bufstrategy>       
0xffffffff809dc6d0 <bufsync>
0xffffffff814b73a0 <buf_ops_bio+32>:    0xffffffff809dc710 <bufbdflush> 0x1
0xffffffff814b73b0 <sysctl___vfs_vmiodirenable>:        0xffffffff8169cd80
<sysctl__vfs_children>       0xffffffff814afa58
0xffffffff814b73c0 <sysctl___vfs_vmiodirenable+16>:     0xc00400027ffffc90     
0xffffffff814b73a8 <vmiodirenable>

(kgdb) p v_nmntvnodes
No symbol "v_nmntvnodes" in current context.
(kgdb) p v_cache_dst.tqh_first 
No symbol "v_cache_dst" in current context.

Something seems to be missing there...  Tabbing suggests that these symbols are
recognized, but apparently not known.  What trick have I missed?

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