[Bug 210537] [patch] [feature request] set MIME type in cron-generated e-mails

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Fri Aug 11 21:07:15 UTC 2017


--- Comment #13 from Mikhail T. <mi at ALDAN.algebra.com> ---
(In reply to Eugene Grosbein from comment #12)
> It is not possible to cite non-existent requirement for a MTA to
> accept unencoded binary data.
In comment #10 you said: "SMTP does not support unencoded arbitrary binary

A citation supporting this statement should be possible... But, to keep this
discussion from becoming even more confrontational, here is the RFC from 2000,
that provided for binary-clean SMTP:


> And there are MTAs that reject unencoded binary data containing NUL bytes

Sendmail -- the MTA bundled with FreeBSD -- is fine with it... Whoever replaces
it on their system with something lacking this feature, can make sure, their
cron-jobs don't output binaries...

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