[Bug 221379] bsdinstall(8): Installer doesn't support default router outside local subnet

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Wed Aug 9 23:09:44 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from Nils Steinger <nrg_freebsd-bugs at voidptr.de> ---
And then…

*Same issue with IPv6:*

`netconfig_ipv6` has the exact same problem and should receive similar
However, my solution for IPv4 can't be applied verbatim because awk loses
accuracy when going up to 2^64:

% awk 'BEGIN {print(2^64)}'
% awk 'BEGIN {print(2^64-1)}'
% awk 'BEGIN {print(2^64-1000)}'

So we would have to find another way to to subnet parsing for IPv6.

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