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--- Comment #1 from Fabian Keil <fk at fabiankeil.de> ---
zfsbootcfg actually checks for kenv(1) variables (which sysctl(8) doesn't

Having said that, I can reproduce the problem that the variables aren't
set when running in bhyve.

They are set on all the physical systems I checked, though.

You can still set them manually with kenv(1) using the values from the
vdev label:

[fk at test-vm ~]sudo zdb -l /dev/gpt/bpool-vtbd1
    name: 'bpool'                                                               
    pool_guid: 14860026282992656750                                             
    guid: 6160965258301852628                                                   
[fk at test-vm ~]sudo kenv vfs.zfs.boot.primary_pool=14860026282992656750
[fk at test-vm ~]sudo kenv vfs.zfs.boot.primary_vdev=6160965258301852628

At least for me this resulted in zfsbootcfg reporting success:

[fk at test-vm ~]$ sudo zfsbootcfg zfs:rpool
zfs next boot options are successfully written

As I currently don't use boot environments (not yet supported by cloudiatr),
I couldn't easily test if this has any effect in bhyve, though.

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