[Bug 221029] AMD Ryzen: strange compilation failures using poudriere or plain buildkernel/buildworld

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Mon Aug 7 22:42:40 UTC 2017


--- Comment #64 from Nils Beyer <nbe at renzel.net> ---
(In reply to Don Lewis from comment #63)

hmm - doesn't sound so good; if you say that there's nothing that FreeBSD can
do to workaround/circumvent/mitigate the issue and that there's need for new
silicon, then I would close that bug as it isn't fixable at the moment.

The following post (just appeared):


where a friendly guy tried both the "ryzen_stress_test.sh"
buildworld/buildkernel and your "ryzen_provoke_crash" program from the other
bug report - seems to support my assumption as he does not seem to get any
"unable to rename" errors in that buildworld/buildkernel test within 14 hours
(could be, of course, too short, but promising).

So, if you're okay, then I close that bug hereby...

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