[Bug 219399] System panics after several hours of 14-threads-compilation orgies using poudriere on AMD Ryzen...

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Mon Aug 7 22:26:13 UTC 2017


--- Comment #215 from Nils Beyer <nbe at renzel.net> ---
(In reply to Don Lewis from comment #214)

documentation is the keyword, I don't know; I only have this:
from: linux/v4.12/source/arch/x86/include/asm/processor.h - lines 791 and seq
#ifdef CONFIG_X86_32
 * User space process size. 47bits minus one guard page.  The guard
 * page is necessary on Intel CPUs: if a SYSCALL instruction is at
 * the highest possible canonical userspace address, then that
 * syscall will enter the kernel with a non-canonical return
 * address, and SYSRET will explode dangerously.  We avoid this
 * particular problem by preventing anything from being mapped
 * at the maximum canonical address.
#define TASK_SIZE_MAX   ((1UL << 47) - PAGE_SIZE)

do we have or need something similar?

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