[Bug 221224] setlocale.c does not properly detect if locale contains too many slashes

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Mon Aug 7 13:51:49 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Leonard König <leonard.r.koenig at googlemail.com> ---
It seems that there's no documentation on how a "composite locale" is built

> A composite locale is a string beginning with a "/", followed by the locale of each category, separated by a "/".

from [1].
However, FreeBSDs implementation does not allow leading slashes as seen earlier

However the implementation allows for more than one '/' separating the locales
-- except for the first, ie:

"C/C/////C/C/C/C/" -- allowed
"C/////C/C/C/C/C/" -- not allowed

this at least is inconsistent if not unwanted, I assume (also the documentation
on how a composite locale is built is lacking, especially since it's behavior
is based on the internal ordering of LC_*).


[1] http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13203_01/tuxedo/tux91/rf3c/rf3c14.htm

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