[Bug 219399] System panics after several hours of 14-threads-compilation orgies using poudriere on AMD Ryzen...

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Sat Aug 5 01:54:48 UTC 2017


--- Comment #206 from Nils Beyer <nbe at renzel.net> ---
(In reply to Nils Beyer from comment #205)

sorry, mass confusion in my brain; I accidentially executed that program on my
first Ryzen system with 32GB of RAM and your origin patch applied. The SSH
session to my second Ryzen system timed out, and because I do SSH there via SSH
to my first Ryzen system I was therefore thrown back to my first system which I
didn't notice. :-(

Sorry for the confusion, but the result stays the same. Freeze at the
suspicious location.

At the moment, I really try to get the same freeze on my second Ryzen system
(using another SSH hop) with 16GB of RAM. There, I had to use the second
"WHERE"-define as well. And there's vanilla 11.1-RELEASE indeed running, so I
assume that this freeze won't happen because I need your origin patch, right?

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