[Bug 219399] System panics after several hours of 14-threads-compilation orgies using poudriere on AMD Ryzen...

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Tue Aug 1 02:01:09 UTC 2017


--- Comment #193 from Don Lewis <truckman at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to rozhuk.im from comment #190)
I don't see that change in the March 2017 AMD64 Architecture Programmer’s
Manual Volume 2: System Programming (revision 3.28), which I found here:

The only change to the #UD description is the addition of the UD0 and UD1
instructions as potential causes.  I didn't find these in the AMD
documentation, but apparently they are reserved opcodes that will generate #UD.

It looks to me like encountering this bug will kill the process with SIGILL,
which we aren't seeing.  Working around this looks like it would be ugly ...

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