[Bug 213778] stable/11 -r307797 on BPi-M3 (cortex-a7): truss gets segmentation fault for handling SIGSYS

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Mon Oct 31 05:33:10 UTC 2016


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FYI notes:

See bugzilla 213936 for material about why lang/gcc6's xgcc's cc1 for
armv6/cortex-a7 gets the SIGSYS (or whatever) in the first place: clang 3.8.0's
occasional code generation problems lead to messed up stack handling in cc1 and
a stack address in the armv6/cortex-a7 pc register. (lang/gcc6's build had not
gotten far enough to have built and be using its own self-hosted cc1 yet.)

Still the cc1 produced by clang 3.8.0 shows crash problems in truss for
handling processes with errors. So the odd code is useful for testing/improving
truss (and possibly more). For now I'm leaving the BPI-M3 set up for such

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