[Bug 213858] Vagrant image freebsd/FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-p1 missing sudo

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Fri Oct 28 16:56:43 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from Wes Hulette <jwhulette at gmail.com> ---
Not sure if this is related or not, but when I run pkg install sudo after
logging in I get the error: pkg: Error fetching
http://pkg.FreeBSD.org/FreeBSD:11:amd64/quarterly/Latest/pkg.txz: Connection
reset by peer

I can install it by:
fetch http://pkg.FreeBSD.org/FreeBSD:11:amd64/quarterly/Latest/pkg.txz
fetch http://pkg.FreeBSD.org/FreeBSD:11:amd64/quarterly/Latest/pkg.txz.sig
pkg add pkg.txz

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