[Bug 213651] include serial console support in install media by default, via /usr/src/release/Makefile adjustments?

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--- Comment #1 from Glen Barber <gjb at FreeBSD.org> ---
There are a few problems with this, because of my own observations on some
systems with multiple COM ports that I'm still trying to understand.

On some systems, for example, doing as suggested will prevent keyboard input
via serial console and only allow keyboard input on the system (and loader
actually stops the system from booting on one system I have).

Could you try instead adding 'boot_multicons="YES"' to your modification to see
if you see the desired behavior?  I'm a bit overly-paranoid about this because
of some behavior I have witnessed, and do not want to introduce regressions on
hardware that used to work out-of-box without loader.conf changes.

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