[Bug 211360] ESC characters are not interpreted by /bin/sh

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--- Comment #3 from David Guyot <david.guyot at europecamions-interactive.com> ---
It seems I'm also affected by this bug, but running fish: I was using a
10.3-RELEASE FreeBSD with the packaged fish 2.2.0 installed, without
customization, and upgraded my system and packages to 11.0-RELEASE. fish were
upgraded to 2.3.1, and it lost support of arrows and backspace keys: whenever I
try to use them, I get this:
# Up arrow for autocompletion with the last command
penegal at Aethelthryth-FreeBSD~/usr/home/penegal> [A
# Right arrow for autocompletion with the last similar command, then left arrow
to correct input
penegal at Aethelthryth-FreeBSD~/usr/home/penegal> ls[C[D

Tab still functions as usual; backspace produces no result, so I have to Ctrl+C
to erase the line and restart the typing from the start. As I also use fish as
the root shell, the problem persists when using sudo su, but not with su -; the
problem is also present when using fish from vt, and the su tweak works all the
same. bash doesn't have this problem and responds as usual to these keys, as do
fish over SSH connections, so it's not keyboard-related.

James Keenan and another guy on the ML drew my attention to this report, which
is disturbingly similar to my problem. Hope it is and that I'm not simply
making noise.

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