[Bug 213428] make buildworld relies on /usr/include i.e. -nostdinc breaks buildworld

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Thu Oct 13 03:00:38 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Mark Millard <markmi at dsl-only.net> ---
(In reply to frf from comment #3)

As I understand buildworld does initially build some programs to execute on the
host under the original operating system version that is running on the host
--to be executed during the build itself. The bootstrap clang itself is/can-be
an example (even if it is built to target a different TARGET_ARCH [cross

Thus I would not expect the

# rm /usr/include/*

example to work correctly in general. Avoiding /usr/include is specific to
certain (most) stages of buildworld, but not to all of it as I understand.

While most of what buildworld does targets the new operating system version (if
it changed) and the TARGET_ARCH, such is not the case for everything it does.


Your examples do not change the TARGET_ARCH. In some respects I'm referencing
structure that is there to allow other alternatives than you are using. The
operating system version's of files can still apply to your case.

Thanks for adding comment #3: I was very confused about the first part of
comment #2 before the extra information.

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