[Bug 213428] make buildworld relies on /usr/include i.e. -nostdinc breaks buildworld

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buildworld normally depends on a build tree under somewhere like (say)
/usr/obj/ someplace that has its own usr/src/tmp/usr/include/ directory tree
that buildworld first fills in with target-specific files before they are used
(when things are working).

I wonder if you are somehow not getting the proper redirections into that build
tree include area during buildworld. Has the build tree
usr/src/tmp/usr/include/ area been filled in correctly?

You have not published enough material in this submittal from build logs and
the like to see what example compiler commands look like and what the -I's and
such are like. Such publishing is likely required for someone to figure out
what is going on in your context.

You have not published your src.conf and make.conf content in this submittal
either. Do you have any other build tailoring that should be published? It
would be helpful to folks that try to help for you to provide such material so
they know in detail what contributed to the build attempts.


For cross builds this sort of build tree usr/src/tmp/usr/include/ area need not
match some host file versions in various ways.

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