[Bug 205707] Improve parsing of BDFs by vtfontcvt

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Mon Mar 28 14:18:39 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Ed Maste <emaste at freebsd.org> ---
(In reply to Mikhail Teterin from comment #3)

> I don't know, if BDF-format allows different characters in the same file to
> have different heights, but with my patch the utility will be better prepared
> to handle such cases...

I agree that a cryptic error message is unacceptable.

However, in the case of just stopping upon ENDCHAR the result with a 13 row
.bdf will still be a 16x8 .fnt font that has the final 3 rows empty. This is
probably not what is desired.

I've attached a patch that might be part of the solution - reading the height
and width from the BBX entry in the font.

It doesn't fully work with koi8x13.bdf because most glyphs are 13x8 but there
is one 9x6 and one 13x9.

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