[Bug 208251] [regression] Bogus geli passphrase prompts after r296963 on system with slices

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Fri Mar 25 17:22:41 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Fabian Keil <fk at fabiankeil.de> ---
I just noticed that I was wrong about my GPT-using systems
being unaffected, they were just not actually using the
affected boot code yet.

Most of my systems use the cloudiatr layout:

[fk at elektrobier ~]$ gpart show ada0
=>       34  976773101  ada0  GPT  (466G)
         34        128     1  freebsd-boot  (64K)
        162       1886        - free -  (943K)
       2048     409600     2  freebsd-zfs  (200M)
     411648   16777216     3  freebsd-zfs  (8.0G)
   17188864    8388608     4  freebsd-swap  (4.0G)
   25577472  951195648     5  freebsd-zfs  (454G)
  976773120         15        - free -  (7.5K)

ada0p2 is the unencrypted boot pool that can be deleted
after the system is up. It contains parts of the kernel
and a keyfile that is required to geli-attach ada0p3 which
contains the root pool.

On systems that have to be rebooted unattended no passphrase
is being used.

After r296963 the systems can no longer be booted unattended
as there's nobody to skip the bogus passphrase prompts.

On the bright side, the partition with the metadata is
detected correctly ...

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