[Bug 208183] not booting with SATA drive connected boot prompt says: still waiting after 300 seconds for xpt_config

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Wed Mar 23 08:41:06 UTC 2016


--- Comment #13 from Bachmarc <marc.arnold.bach at gmail.com> ---
Of course I entered the correct pwd... 

This was first thing I tested several times because this was the best chance to
get the system booted. Unfortunately it is not working this way... 
Next idea was a bug in IPMI, thats why I went downstairs to connect a keyboard
and a screen. Unfortunately not booting ....

Then I tried to remember what I did before putting the machine in its final
place, which was adding the disk! I disconnected the HD and it boots... like
described above I tested it with and without the mobile rack, with a different
SATA port and cable and finally a different HD. => It is not booting with a
disk connected somehow somewhere...

I think stopping for pwd and freezing because of CAM issue is only temporary
close because geom starts to play with disks, labels and devices.

The thing is having a frozen system without mounted /var/log and no access to
nothing is not the easiest way to analyze something ;o)
I simply think Supermicro skylake boards are not sooo uncommon and this sata
issue is very drastic for a fileserver. 
I guess more people step in it.


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