[Bug 208022] ixgbe - unexpected "ix0: Invalid advertised speed; valid modes are 0x1 through 0x7" at boot time

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Tue Mar 15 23:25:32 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Terry Kennedy <terry-freebsd at glaver.org> ---
Taking a quick look through the code, it seems that ixgbe_set_advertise() is
called from 2 places in if_ix.c:

1) ixgbe_sysctl_advertise(), which has a check to see if the value changed and
omits the call if it hasn't. So this probably isn't the problem.

2) ixgbe_attach() calls ixgbe_set_advertise() with ixgbe_advertise_speed which
is 0 on a system where the default hasn't changed. This unconditionally enters
ixgbe_set_advertise() which would seem to trigger the error message.

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