[Bug 207783] OpenSSH client segfaults in 9.3-RELEASE-p37

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Tue Mar 8 15:44:23 UTC 2016


--- Comment #7 from Athanasios Douitsis <aduitsis at gmail.com> ---
Some more info, in case it helps:

- Everything using libcrypto.so.6 can be affected. I've noticed problems with
ssh server (ssh child dies with segfault), cyrus-imapd and check-imaps from
nagios plugins. 
- Ssh'ing from another FreeBSD to a system with the problematic sshd is
successful, but ssh'ing using openssh client e.g. from a linux box is not. Some
clients do work, some do not. So some care must be taken to reproduce the
problem, as not all clients trigger the problem.

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