[Bug 210572] Installer does not fully identify discs in multiple-disc system

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Mon Jun 27 20:31:50 UTC 2016


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I always take option 1, the guided MBR thing. Which only shows the useless
model numbers.  

I do that in part that's because my field is human factors, so I do what new
people do because that's where the problems show up quickest.  The people who
wrote the installer are experts, and it's pretty much impossible without a lot
of training for an expert to remember how it was to be a novice.  So they do
things that seem perfectly sensible to them, but which confuse and derail
anyone new.  (For broadly the same reason, whenever I'd do QA, I'd always go
after the boundary conditions because I'd invariably find bugs, which would
enrage the dev and product managers.  But I was the program manager so they
didn't say too much)

Would it really be hard to migrate the information from the part table editor? 
It doesn't seem like it would be - the code already exists and it's not as tho
the installer has to fit in rom - but I've not looked at the code.

It really is a bug, if you want people to be able to reliably use that option
even under boundary conditions.

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