[Bug 200993] camcontrol commands results in Periph destroyed on mrsas

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Thu Jun 23 15:49:13 UTC 2016


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--- Comment #11 from Miroslav Lachman <000.fbsd at quip.cz> ---
(In reply to Garrett Wollman from comment #10)

I can confirm this on brand new Dell PowerEdge T130 with PERC H330

It works with mfi but once i switched to mrsas I can use camcontrol devlist
because it dettaches first 2 of 4 connected disks. So I switched back to mfi.
mrsas and mfi both have problems with smartctl but it is unrelated to this
annoying bug.

I am on FreeBSD 10.3 amd64, 
details provided by mfiutil once I am back on mfi driver.

# mfiutil show adapter
mfi0 Adapter:
    Product Name: PERC H330 Adapter
   Serial Number: 62J0915
     RAID Levels: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, RAID50
  Battery Backup: not present
           NVRAM: 32K
  Onboard Memory: 0M
  Minimum Stripe: 64K
  Maximum Stripe: 64K

# mfiutil show firmware
mfi0 Firmware Package Version:
mfi0 Firmware Images:
Name  Version                          Date         Time         Status
BIOS  04/23/2015
CTLR  5.04-0012                        Apr 23 2015  11:03:48     active
CPLD  0002                             01/22/15     15:28:00     active
APP   4.250.01-4405                    May 01 2015  12:19:12     active
NVDT  3.1411.01-0015                   Mar 31 2015  11:30:09     active
SGFW  1.00.02                          Aug 24 2013  05:06:18     active
BTBL                  May 24 2014  13:04:16     active

# mfiutil show drives
mfi0 Physical Drives:
 0 (  932G) JBOD <TOSHIBA MG03ACA1 FL2H serial=4684KQ8DF> SATA S0
 1 (  932G) JBOD <TOSHIBA MG03ACA1 FL2H serial=4683K23KF> SATA S1
 2 (  932G) JBOD <TOSHIBA MG03ACA1 FL2H serial=4684KQ8KF> SATA S2
 3 (  932G) JBOD <TOSHIBA MG03ACA1 FL2H serial=4684KQ8IF> SATA S3

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