[Bug 193984] SMBFS transfer very slow and sometimes hangs indefinitely

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I'm running into the same issue on the latest FreeBSD.

 9642 root          1  20    0 78340K 13476K 90wrq   7   0:06   0.00% rsync
 9644 root          1  20    0 78380K 11544K select  4   0:06   0.00% rsync

The 9642 process cannot even be killed by 'kill -9 9642'.

I'm mounting the Windows 10 share with:

mount_smbfs -N -E UTF-8:UTF-8 -L en_US.UTF-8 -I
//BRACE01 at COMEX/mu
sic /mnt/vol1/mnt/windows/music

The rsync command is:

nohup rsync -arv -og --delete --chown=816:816 /mnt/vol1/mnt/windows/music/
vol1/jails/subsonic_1/var/music >> /mnt/vol1/cloud1/music_rsync.log &

It runs for awhile but when it gets to the larger files (~100mb each) it gets
into this catatonic state as mentioned by Jean.  I've had this work previously
but the Windows 10 machine was using a LAN cable and is currently on WiFi.  I'm
thinking it might have something to do with this.

Any solutions?

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