[Bug 161499] [libstdc++] [patch] Use FreeBSD's atomic.h if no cpu-specific code is available

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Mon Jun 13 16:07:31 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Mark Linimon <linimon at FreeBSD.org> ---
Every once in a while various committers go through to try to clean up the
stale PRs.  (I have spent time doing that; see below.)  It's just necessary
work that Someone (TM) needs to do.

There are various theories of how to go about this.  One that I particularly
*dis*like is simply to close ones that are older than N months.  My feeling is
that it just frustrates submitters.  In addition, some of the open bugs are
still valid.

Of course we still need to figure out a methodology to flag PRs for
applicability and non-staleness.  OTOH I myself am not in a position to work on
that at this time.

The reason I am addressing your reply is that IMVHO it is counter-productive. 
I have received similar replies when I have attempted to triage old PRs in the
past.  It has tended to demotivate me to continue doing that, and working
through PRs is frustrating enough as it is.

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