[Bug 207602] 10.3-RC1 zroot doesn't boot with VT-d enabled and vmm in loader.conf

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The same Issue here.

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5675C CPU @ 3.10GHz (3092.90-MHz K8-class CPU)

The Board: Gigabyte H97N WIFI

The problem happens on an actual 10.3 and 11-CURRENT. Tested it on both

I tested it via internal em0 and re0. I also tested it on em-Interface on

vmm_load="YES" ... just that runs fine.

As soon as I include one of the three Network Interface into pptdevs
(/boot/loader.conf), the same problem occurs. On all 3 NICs the same. The
Kernel boots and suddenly after it detaches lots of Devices. Then it's not able
to mount root (in these cases via ZFS; but I suggest it would be the same on
UFS, because the device has been gone).

I also tested it on a Mac Mini Late 2014. There it works; except for OpenBSD as
guest OS. There I get interrupt mapping issues. But that's a different kind of
problem and may be an Issue of OpenBSD drivers. With FreeBSD guest I can use
the NIC without problems with PCI passthrough. 

So, the problem seems to be there with Broadwell and Skylake.

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