[Bug 210020] newsyslog sleeps for 10 seconds even when -s & -R specified

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>From the man page description of the -R flag:

                                                     When a daemon does exe-
             cute newsyslog with the -R option, it should make sure all of the
             log files are closed before calling newsyslog, and then it should
             re-open the files after newsyslog returns.  Usually the calling
             process will also want to specify the -s option, so newsyslog
             will not send a signal to the very process which called it to
             force the rotate.  Skipping the signal step will also mean that
             newsyslog will return faster, since newsyslog normally waits a
             few seconds after any signal that is sent.

After going through the signal work list, during which do_sigwork() is called
and essentially does nothing because -s and -R were specified on the command
line, newsyslog will sleep for 10 seconds as the (verbose) code says: "Pause 10
seconds to allow daemon(s) to close log file(s)".

However, the man page verbiage for -R (and -s) seems quite clear that this
sleep() is unnecessary because the daemon was expected to have already closed
the log file before calling newsyslog. I submit that the sleep should be
eliminated in at least the case where -R and -s have been specified and
possibly also in the case where only -s was specified (if there were no signal
sent, how is the daemon supposed to know to close (and reopen) the log file?).

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