[Bug 206440] UEFI boot fails on UEFI capable machine with successful install

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Thu Jan 21 02:23:58 UTC 2016


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(In reply to Steven Hartland from comment #1)

It is a regular thing - it occurs every boot from installed media in UEFI mode

The machine is stable running FreeBSD in BIOS mode right now.

The only way to get it to work was installing BIOS mode, booting into the
install, rebooting into the UEFI installer, and installing in UEFI mode. Only
then would it successfully boot. Not a ranom failure, that printout you saw
could happen any time I booted with no differences.

I have not tried a memory test.

I can try burning HEAD to a disk and testing it if that is the best solution.

http://imgur.com/a/uS6g6 is what it looks like when I try entering things at
the prompt, on a different attempt to boot an installed UEFI FreeBSD.

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