[Bug 206192] ls -R warns about EACCES on directories it's not going to list anyway

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Thu Jan 14 16:15:46 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from nibbana at gmx.us ---
On 9.3, notice that something similar affects rm(1):

$ mkdir aaa; cd aaa; mkdir .bbb; chmod 0077 .bbb
$ cd ..; rm -r aaa
override ---rwxrwx  user/wheel for aaa/.bbb? y
rm: aaa/.bbb: Permission denied
rm: aaa: Directory not empty

I don't know all the rules, but this seems wrong also.
The user was a member of group wheel, and all have rwx permissions,
and it would seem that they ought to be able to remove the directory;
alternatively, perhaps the permissions are hierarchial in nature,
and a lower class user can't do what a higher class user can't do.
Just thought it may be a worthy comment.

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