[Bug 205932] [panic] Kernel panic when copying from ext2fs partition to UFS partition

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Wed Jan 13 21:56:11 UTC 2016


--- Comment #16 from Torfinn Ingolfsen <tingox+freebsd at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Damjan Jovanovic from comment #14)
Good question. It turns out it was false assumptions. I assumed that disktype
(sysutils/disktype) reported correctly:
root at kg-u35jc# disktype /dev/ada0s5

--- /dev/ada0s5
Character device, size 204.9 GiB (220010119168 bytes)
Ext3 file system
  UUID AE5DE014-E0B5-4045-80CA-D4D6FF37AA79 (DCE, v4)
  Last mounted at "/home/tingo/mpoint"
  Volume size 204.9 GiB (220010119168 bytes, 53713408 blocks of 4 KiB)
(at least it is consistent - it reports exactly the same when I run it on

I booted the machine in Linux and did a check:
[tingo at kg-u35jc ~]$ lsblk -f /dev/sda5
NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
sda5 ext4         ae5de014-e0b5-4045-80ca-d4d6ff37aa79 /mnt

So, yes - I was mistaken. The filesystem is ext4. Sorry for my inaccurate

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