[Bug 202933] unwanted behaviour change when writing to revoked terminals

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Sun Jan 10 14:09:13 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Alexandre Fenyo <fbsd.bugzilla at fenyo.net> ---
One more information about this problem:

This kernel change, that has modified the error number returned by a syscall
trying to write to a revoked console, that seems to me to be an ABI change in
the 10-Release major branch, breaks the rsyslogd port.

So, depending on the response to this bug ID (bug ID 202933) by FreeBSD kernel
maintainers, I will have, or not, to report a patch proposal for rsyslogd:

- if this kernel change will stay with this new syscall return value, I'll
propose a patch in bug ID 202932 to let rsyslogd adapt itself to this new
return value of the kernel,

- and on the contrary, If kernel is to be patched, I will propose to close bug
ID 202932.

So, your answer is important for me to be able to work on BUG ID 202932.

Many thanks,

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