[Bug 205932] [panic] Kernel panic when copying from ext2fs partition to UFS partition

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--- Comment #4 from Damjan Jovanovic <damjan.jov at gmail.com> ---
sys_write -> write -> ext2_bmap -> ext4_ext_find_extent -> ... -> panic, so
looks like a memory mapped file is being written, during which reading from the
mapped memory causes a panic.

It seems a specific file is causing this (as opposed to iteration over the
filesystem). You could try to narrow it down - use "find" to find the 100th or
so file you suspect, and then copy the files you suspect are causing the panic
to narrow it down to the single file that actually does. I suspect that file is
sparse, causing a different manifestation of bug 205816 (panic instead of
garbage data). Could you test the patch from there?

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