[Bug 205663] clang++ 3.7.1 gets Bus Errors during compilation on arm that has SCTLR bit[1]==1 (alignment required)

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Tue Jan 5 18:22:42 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Mark Millard <markmi at dsl-only.net> ---
llvm.org's Bugzilla reports that clang trunk has been fixed and clang 3.8 will
contain the fixes:

James Molloy changed bug 25958 
What    Removed Added
Status  NEW     RESOLVED
Resolution      ---     FIXED
Comment # 8 on bug 25958 from James Molloy
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your detailed investigation. I can confirm that this is fixed on
trunk and therefore will be fixed for LLVM 3.8.

The fixes were done for SPARC, which requires strict accesses much as ARM does
with SCTLR=1.

There was a sequence of commits by James Knight that fixed these, but an
example is http://reviews.llvm.org/rL242554 .

The fixes were in a similar vein to yours, but required changes in fewer places
and there were a few more sticky issues to solve too. I'll CC James here in
case he wants to comment on the current state of the clang codebase for
self-hosting in a strict alignment environment.



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