Urgent: Last Chance to Stop Obama's Gun Grab!

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Mon Jan 4 20:16:54 UTC 2016

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Obama is meeting today with his Attorney General to finalize his gun control executive order. Want to help stop him?

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Urgent: Last Chance to Stop Obama's Gun Grab!

Fellow Conservative,

It is happening. Barack Obama is back from his $500,000/day vacation in Hawaii and is meeting today with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to put the finishing touches on his radical gun control executive order. That’s not speculation. He has admitted that he is doing this. He's proud of his plan to circumvent Congress and spit on the Constitution.

Then tomorrow, he will announce his plan to rewrite the nation's gun laws and put us down the path towards nationwide confiscation!

Don’t let him get away with this! Stand up and fight against Obama’s gun control executive orders! Here's the backstory. In 1993, there was a compromise reached in the passage of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act . Republicans agreed to accept background checks for guns purchased at gun stores as long as private sales remained untouched. The fear was that the Federal government would use the background check system as an opportunity to create a registry or list of American gun owners, which as we all know is the first step towards confiscation. Now fast-forward two decades. The Democrats are taking what was a compromise and trying to paint it as a loophole. They want a government record every single time a firearm changes ownership. If you give a gun to your son or grandson, the government wants a record of it. If your neighbor asks you to watch his guns while he goes on vacation, the government wants you to jump through hoops and register the transfer at the federal level. Let me be clear. There is only one reason to push for a national gun registry like this: confiscation. Without a list of who has the guns, it's impossible for the Federal government to know which doors to kick down. Registries have been used in Australia to confiscate guns, in England, and even in states like New York and California... Obama wants confiscation to be a nationwide policy and it is up to you to stop him!

The executive order that the White House is poised to announce is not only illegal, but it is completely unconstitutional. When the Founding Fathers warned of tyranny, this is what they were talking about. When they said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, this is what they warned you to watch out for!

So what are we going to do about it? We are going to raise hell. We are going to put more resources into stopping this horrible executive order than we ever have. In the last month alone, we've bombarded Congress with 2 million faxes on this issue alone.

Our fax system is unlike anything out there in the country. It allows you to instantly contact your Congressman and Senators in a tangible way. Emails get deleted. Phone calls get ignored. But every fax, by law, has to be printed out in Congressional offices. It’s impossible to ignore us when the faxes are piled up to the ceiling!

But we need your help!

The hour is upon us. Right now, the Obama administration finishing up an executive order to start the process towards nation-wide gun confiscation!

Please, take the time and FaxBlast Congress demanding that they stop this lawless President and, yes, if necessary, impeach him!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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