[Bug 205691] After a period of inactivity at the boot loader prompt for a GELI passphrase, the computer should shut down

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Sat Jan 2 09:39:22 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Marie Helene Kvello-Aune <marieheleneka at gmail.com> ---
Making some notes:
sys/geom/eli.c:g_eli_taste(...):ln1147, calls cngets(...) to retrieve
sys/kern/kern_cons.c:cngets(...):ln423, implementation of cngets(...)

Will probably need an alternate implementation of cngets() which does
timekeeping to implement this feature request. Will do more research on this

I suggest the exact time to wait to be defined in a loader tunable, and that
the default setting should probably be around 10 minutes. Enough to grab a cup
of coffee/tea/other between powering on and entering passphrase, and little
enough to not drain battery too much.

I don't have an opinion whether the feature as a whole should be enabled by

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