[Bug 211713] NVME controller failure: resetting

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--- Comment #6 from Robin Randhawa <robin.randhawa at arm.com> ---
Hi all.

I have a similar issue. My hardware is a Lenovo Thinkpad P50 with a 512GB nvme
SSD running current (synced yesterday) with a custom kernel configuration that
differs from GENERIC only in that VESA is disabled (nvidia issues while
resuming from ACPI S3 if not).

$ nvcontrol devlist
 nvme0: SAMSUNG MZVKV512HAJH-000L1
    nvme0ns1 (488386MB)

The particular manifestation I see is on resume when disk access seems to stall
for 5-10 seconds. The relevant messages in the kernel log buffer are a scary
stream of:

nvme0: READ sqid:6 cid:124 nsid:1 lba:697441256 len:8
nvme0: ABORTED - BY REQUEST (00/07) sqid:6 cid:124 cdw0:0
nvme0: aborting outstanding i/o
nvme0: READ sqid:8 cid:109 nsid:1 lba:399615616 len:40
nvme0: ABORTED - BY REQUEST (00/07) sqid:8 cid:109 cdw0:0

Please let me now if you need any more specifics. Thanks.

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