[Bug 210315] panic: destroying non-empty racct: 2113536 allocated for resource 4

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Fri Dec 9 12:19:33 UTC 2016


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--- Comment #1 from Andriy Gapon <avg at FreeBSD.org> ---
I've just got another of these panics.

I wonder if it could be caused by this code:

                        size = vmspace_resident_count(vm);
                        if (size >= limit) {
                                    &vm->vm_map, limit);
#ifdef RACCT
                        if (racct_enable) {
                                rsize = IDX_TO_OFF(size);
                                racct_set(p, RACCT_RSS, rsize);
                                ravailable = racct_get_available(p, RACCT_RSS);

Specifically, we calculate rsize from size, but the value of the latter could
be outdated if size was larger than limit and vm_pageout_map_deactivate_pages()
got called.

As a side note, I wonder why greater-than-or-equal is used for comparing size
and limit.

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