[Bug 213282] FreeBSD 10.2 / Carp / PfSync

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Fri Dec 2 21:24:24 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from JeanAumont at gmail.com ---

In my opinion, the code should never let a firewall become MASTER if the state
table (pfsync) has not finish being populated with all the states.

During the boot, the firewall should be in INIT mode and then become MASTER
when the replication of the state is terminated.

It is clearly a bug and the fact that you have 2 MASTER at the same time will
only cause problem to a lot of TCP sessions.

Currently the advskew of my firewall are 90 and 100. 
Will changing them to 0 and 200 made a differnce ? 
Does the firewall reads the content (advskew) of the CARP packet being received
or does it used a timer to verify which one advertise more often?

This bug is affect the network traffic and should be look at.


Jean Aumont

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