[Bug 168298] VirtualBox using AIO on a zvol crashes

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Wed Aug 24 23:28:21 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from rkoberman at gmail.com ---
The adjustments in comment 3 seem to work, although vfs.aio.aiod_timeout does
not exist in 11.0 and vfs.aio.max_aio_procs defaults to 4, so is a noop.

Some of the others seem a bit extreme and I suspect tuning them back would be
reasonable. The queue depths are being set to the maximum possible. I suspect
4096 and 1024 would be adequate.

Not really sure why the reduction of maximum AIO processes to 4, but does not
seem unreasonable. Likewise the 10x increase in idle time for AIO processes.

The final two, max_aio_per_proc and max_buf_aio also look a bit extreme. Bumped
from 32 and 16 to 8K is probably overkill. I'll play around with them and see
what I find.

Finally, these may require tuning for the number of VMs.

In any case, I can now run my VM without the disk lock-ups.

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