[Bug 211990] iscsi fails to reconnect and does not release devices

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Sun Aug 21 10:27:03 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Ben RUBSON <ben.rubson at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Ben RUBSON from comment #5)
>And the most important, regarding the bug :
>when devices do not want to correctly reconnect, I found that it is because
>iscsi is stuck in the following :
>cam_sim_free(is->is_sim, TRUE /*free_devq*/);
>However I don't know why.
I put some printf in cam_sim.c and found that iscsi is stuck by :
msleep(sim, sim->mtx, PRIBIO, "simfree", 0);
cam_sim_release() is never fired, so msleep is blocking iscsi.

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